2024/03/27   Too Sexy for Instagram?






Selena Gomez recently stirred up controversy on Instagram with her latest post, sparking debates over whether the platform found her too sexy for its guidelines. Gomez uploaded a set of new selfies, showcasing her glamorous style and alluring charm. However, as quickly as they appeared, they vanished, leaving fans puzzled.

The abrupt removal of Gomez’s selfies led to speculation, with many attributing it to the revealing nature of the images, particularly highlighting her extreme décolletage. Some suggested that Instagram’s strict content policies might have deemed the posts too provocative for public consumption.

Fortunately, vigilant fans managed to capture screenshots before the photos disappeared. As the saying goes, “The internet never forgets.” Despite their brief stint, Gomez’s selfies sparked a flurry of reactions, underscoring her enduring influence and the public’s fascination with her every move.

While the mystery behind the deletion remains, one thing is certain – Selena Gomez’s undeniable allure continues to captivate audiences, even if it occasionally tests the boundaries of social media platforms.

  2024/01/24   Selena Gomez Answers TikToker’s Cancer Plea with Heartfelt...






In a touching moment, Selena responded to Timothy Bobrovitsky, a 22-year-old TikToker battling stage 4 cancer. Timothy’s video, viewed by over 5 million, moved Selena to create a duet on TikTok.

Timothy, fighting cancer in his lungs and legs, expressed a heartfelt wish to meet Selena. In response, Selena urged him to message her directly in a TikTok duet caption. While a meeting remains uncertain, Selena’s empathetic response has already left a significant impact.

This story underscores the positive influence of social media, showcasing its ability to connect people and bring attention to important causes. The world watches with hope, celebrating the strength displayed by both Timothy and Selena in the face of adversity.

  2024/01/23   34 Million YouTube Subscribers






Selena has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing

  • 34 million subscribers
  • on her official YouTube channel. This accomplishment firmly establishes her as one of the most subscribed artists on the platform.

      2024/01/10   Selena as Linda Ronstadt?!






    Selena has recently sparked speculation about potentially taking on the lead role in the upcoming biopic about the life of Linda Ronstadt through her latest Instagram post. In her recent social media update, Selena hinted at her involvement in the highly anticipated project, leaving fans excited and curious about her potential portrayal of the legendary singer.

    The Instagram post in question features Selena immersed in what appears to be a deep and focused moment, with a caption that suggests a connection to the iconic Linda Ronstadt. Fans have been quick to connect the dots, speculating that this could be a subtle confirmation of Selena‘s participation in the biopic.

    While no official announcement has been made regarding the casting for the Linda Ronstadt biopic, Selena’s strategic social media tease has certainly fueled anticipation among her followers. The multi-talented artist, known for her acting and musical endeavors, would undoubtedly bring a captivating presence to the role if she indeed secures the lead in this much-anticipated film. Until an official confirmation is made, fans will eagerly await further updates from both Selena and the production team behind the Linda Ronstadt biopic.

      2024/01/04   is it the last Album?






    Selena is currently immersed in the creation of her third album, sparking discussions that this could potentially mark the end of her music career.
    However, ambiguity remains, leaving room for speculation on whether this will truly be her final musical chapter.
    As Selena juggles her passion for acting and her commitment to her Brand Rare Beauty, fans are left to wonder whether she will continue to grace the music scene or shift her focus entirely.

    The anticipation lingers, keeping us intrigued about the future of Selena’s musical journey.

      2020/08/13   This is the Year (Official Premiere Event)






    Join Selena and David who are reuniting after 8 years to bring you a one of a kind feel good experience for their new movie “This is the Year”, where you’ll enjoy a live virtual premiere on August 28 hosted by Charli & Dixie D’Amelio, question and answers with David, Selena and the cast and a performance by lovelytheband!

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